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Text Box: August 17, 2009:
New Logo!

The new logo is softer, more subtle, and more appropriate to the subject matter.  The Window in this shot is from First Methodist  Church, Gary Indiana.

News Archive Page Added!

Click the link below to see a complete archive of all the riveting  news from the site’s past!
Text Box: August 20, 2009:
We are now on ETSY !

The Etsy community spans the globe with buyers and sellers coming from more than 150 countries. Etsy sellers number in the hundreds of thousands. We at are proud to join the ETSY community, in providing you with a unique, beautiful site to select and purchase a copy of one of my photos for your own.

Please visit our ETSY site by clicking the orange link/logo above for more details.
Text Box: August 25, 2009:
Other Works Gallery Now Open !

Check out our new collections in the “Other Works” Gallery!